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  • "I was extremely impressed with

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  • Katarina is a wonderful person, she has helped me to

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  • Katarina who help us with everything, comes highly recommended.

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  • Hey! Carlos I was recommended by one of my best friend. Carlos therapy and advice has been fantastic for me as well as my physical problems....

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  • Hairdresser Katarina Stenbäck the epitome of her own creative hairstyles shows what she can create for you!

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  • Having used Katarina's services as an interpreter and an introducer of Trades people on a substantial contract.

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  • Carlos is a genuine and interesting energy worker/healer.

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  • Katarina has been very helpful in sorting out a problem I had with a speeding ticket.

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  • After having a house on Costa del Sol for 25 years, we now know the problems it can give.

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  • Unfortunately I do not need Katarina's help for anything.

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  • I have known Katarina for more than 20 years.

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  • I can really recommend Katarina Stenbäck as a reliable and hard working person.

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  • I feel balanced and more able to make decisions and I feel my self-esteem.

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  • The best hairdresser I have found here in Spain , I would heartily recommend her.

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  • Our purchase of an apartment in Marbella.

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Katarina who help us with everything, comes highly recommended.
She also work with a fantastic healer, I have had a back problem and not been able to do jogging for 20 years, I have visited many Doctors, Chiropracticors over the years but all in vain. I was therefore quite sceptic when Katarina told me about Carlos but I thought I give it a try…, I had 4 sessions with him and since then (2 years ago) I am jogging again and all my back problems are gone.

Katarina says that he can cure a lot of different ilnesses as well.