Energy Therapist


This is “Dr.Carlos Herrera”, our energy therapist in Marbella.

He is originally from Ecuador and has Native American ancestry, but has now been here on the coast for over 10 years.
He was born with an amazingability to help and heal most using his energy.
He speaks only Spanish, so I, Katarina, handle his bookings of both treatments (and hotels when necessary) plus I translate for those in need.

How does energy healing works of Carlos?

First, it is completely harmless and very gentle and no medication is used.
The goal of his energy treatment is to remove blockages in our internal energy pathways caused by stress or emotional trauma.
Using special techniques, he opens up all the patient’s energy centres (chakras) so that energy can flow freely again.
He acts as a channel from Universal Source to help heal individuals.
In addition, he uses a process, to the maximum extent possible, to heal stored negative memories that can reside in a person ‘s body.
In doing so, he can help the patient return to “his true self.”
So if for example you have been injured in an accident, this treatment will most probably be a great help!
The revitalised energy then stays within the body and protects it for the future.

So this is Carlos’s calling to help heal people – and he succeeds “with remarkable results”.

We recommend starting with three treatments spread over 9 days (so a holiday is required for people coming from far away).
For appointments, you are most welcome to call us on +34 649 229 476 to book your initial sessions.