Jan Wiering

During the autumn 2013 me and my wife (from Sweden) decided to purchase an apartment in the center of Marbella.

After looking at many,we decided to buy a penthouse.

Accommodation plane of 100 kvm, 3 bedrooms, with 2 patios of aprox. 30 kvm,plus roof level solarium of aprox. 130 kvm with a smaller swimmingpool.

The problem with the penthouse was that we needed a full reconstruction like most apartments in central marbella.

My lawyer in Marbella recomended me to get in contact with assistantmarbella Katarina Stenbäck, witch we did.

Katarina was very nice and aranged a meting with a spanish builder, Antonio .

After a meeting with Antonio together with Katarina we decided to use him to rebuild the apartment with Katarina as translater.End resault was a top apartment in central Marbella with new windows, new kitchen, new electricity circuits, new bathrooms, new water sewers, new airconditionand m.m. We even changed the old pool and made a concrete cast on site.

A heated swimming pool with jet stream, m.m.

During building time we visited aprox. once a month. Comunication inbetween us and Antonio was threw Katarina whilst we was in Sweden. We are very happy with the end resault and want to thank Katarina for here engagement and the hole reconstruction went without eny problems and without eny upcoming legal ishues with the builder becaus of bad or incorrect construction, unfinished jobs, overchached jobs, m.m.,Witch can easily happen if youre not present in the place.

We strongly recomend to get the best help, get in toche with Katarina at assistantmarbella, if ur looking to buy an apartment in need of construction.

We can provide more info if requested, can call us on +46 704 21 87 70 www.fw-fastigheter.com