Richard Bolin

Well yes, but it can be hell as well even if you don’t live in it permanently! After having a house on Costa del Sol for 25 years, we now know the problems it can give. We’ve have had floodings because of boilers that leaked and arrived to a house with fungi on floors, walls, roofs and in the wardrobes and all the clothes. A minor fire in the sauna, phones out of order, plumbing problems, watering system that don’t work, problems with the swimming pool, termites and other pests etc etc etc… You look forward to your holiday in Spain and when you get there you end up spending most of your holiday trying to fix all the problems which is not as easy as it is in Sweden, due to the language and the “mañana culture”. The workers don’t arrive on time, instead they arrive when it suits them and everything takes a long time… how do we know that they are proffesionals and what is a reasonable price?
These are some of the problems we’ve been having during the years, do you recognize any of

After reading an article in the Swedish magazine about ASSISTANT MARBELLA we finally found the salvation to our problems and that is Katarina Stenbäck who has become our handyman (woman). She has the contacts that you need for your house/flat: Buiders, plumbers, painters, electricians, cleaners, car mechanics etc….she knows these people and know that they’re doing a great job to the rigt prices so the risk of getting cheated is minimilazed. We have used all these different kinds of proffesionals and they have all arrived on time and done a quick and proffesional job, which has pleased us very much. Thanks to Katarina I also been cured from a back problem, I haven’t been able to go jogging in 20 years and I have been to see loads of experts on the subject, but no one has been able to cure me. Katarina told me about her fantastic healer so I said that I would try him. I was very skeptical when I went there but already after a few treatments he managed to help me get well and now I can go jogging again, absolutely wounderful!

Other things that Katarina helps us with:
– As a driver!
– Doing MOT on our cars!
– Translating, she speaks Swedish, Spanish and English!

We trust Katarina and she has now the key to our house, she goes there once a week to check that all is ok and because she has the key, she can also help you if you lend or rent out your house.

The cost to use Katarina is very reasonable since she only charges you per hour that she works. Katarina is a very nice woman with a lot of energy and she gets things done,its only to ask and the answer you’ll get is: No problem, I fix it for you!

Richard Bolin